Customised Solutions

Flexibility and responsiveness are the keys to 3SixtyLink’s success. 

Specialising in air fragrance product design, all our ideas are developed with care and creativity, our suppliers are selected for their quality and diligence and our manufacturing efficiency and global logistics enable us to remain cost effective in a highly competitive marketplace.

We work closely with each of our customers to personalise each new product idea to fit with their individual requirements and business needs.

This approach ensures we always deliver to meet our customers’ expectations in respect to supply, quality and price, enabling them to continually launch new products that meet the evolving demands of their consumers.

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Guaranteed Quality

Achieving the highest possible quality is a key goal and a minimum expectation throughout our organisation. 

3Sixty utilises its in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, quality systems, design and factory gate auditing to ensure our customers receives the right quality products, in the correct quantities as ordered and at the right price.

Our suppliers and factories are certificated to International Quality Assurance standards such as ISO14001 and ISO 9001.  

This guarantee applies wherever in the world our products or components are sourced.


Quality, price and reliability are greatly affected by the tooling of a final product.

Getting this important stage correct is key to the success of the 3SixtyLink service.

Tooling for each component must be appropriate for its purpose and to achieve this we design each tool individually, factoring in tool size, cost and volume requirements.

Once the tooling has been completed, representative samples are made and approved for Quality Assurance purposes prior to commencement of full production.

Importing and Logistics

Logistics and delivery is an integral part of the 3SixtyLink service; we can deliver to any location around the world, to our customers warehousing or manufacturing sites. 

Normally we transport in container quantities, however we can also arrange smaller loads where required.

All export and import documentation is arranged by us, giving you guaranteed delivery when and where you need it.

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Finding the right supplier need not be an expensive and time consuming exercise. 

At 3SixtyLink, we take the risk and effort out of the process for you, by sourcing the appropriate manufacturer for each development and ensuring that they can supply the required volumes at the right price and on time.

Whether your requirement is for a simple injection moulded component or for a more complex electronic control system, we have close relationships with approved manufacturing partners who can deliver.

Our database of approved partners is updated regularly and contains only suppliers who we have personally vetted and who meet our stringent supply chain criteria. 

All preferred suppliers must satisfy a detailed assessment process which includes:

  • Health and Safety processes and records

  • Environmental compliance

  • Quality Control and Assurance systems

  • Management attitude & ethics

  • Process controls and methods

  • Employee welfare

  • Cost efficiency

Using our detailed knowledge of tooling, materials and purchasing techniques, we can source virtually any component you may require.  Simply brief us on your needs and we will do the rest, working with your specification to supply your products as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

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Product Registration

Here at 3SixtyLink we have the expertise to provide information to assist in registering a product or to complete the registration on your behalf.

We can provide the necessary Material Safety Data Sheet information required to conform with relevant regulations and to allow registration of a new product. 

Along with REACH and RoHS documentation, 3SixtyLink take the worry out of the registration process, enabling us to provide the full service of a one source supplier, from start to finish!

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