Scented candles, along with wood-burning stoves, bonfires and household cleaning products are all being targeted by the UK government in a major crackdown on air pollution.

The Clean Air Strategy, which was launched on 14th January 2019, aims to reduce the estimated 36,000 annual deaths blamed on breathing toxic air.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the Government wanted to reduce particulate emissions by 30 per cent by 2020, and by 46 per cent by 2030. He said tackling air pollution would save £5.3billion a year from 2030.

Manufacturers will be told to reduce emissions from scented candles, carpets, laminate flooring and glues. These add to particulate pollution and can break down to create toxic gases.

Fragranced Wax LED candles can help to decrease particulate pollution as they do not burn with a naked flame, which releases harmful products of combustion into the air.

They can provide a warm ambiance and release a pleasant aroma into the room, with the LED bulbs replicating the flickering light of a real candle.

Wax LED candle sets can often be remotely controlled and programmed to switch off after a predetermined period of time.

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