Build your brand value with logo air fresheners!

Getting your company logo or sports team badge in front of your customers, your prospects or your fans is the aim of every marketer and brand manager.

So what better way to do that than to have your brand or logo prominently displayed, right in front of their very eyes, each time they climb into their car to drive somewhere?

In car air fresheners, hung from the rear view mirror can deliver three major benefits.

They can build your brand equity, recognition and loyalty as your logo is front and centre for the driver and passengers in the vehicle, they can promote your company, its key messages, ethics and brand values to both existing customers and future prospects and finally they freshen the air within the vehicle, introducing subtle, pleasant fragrances that can help reduce stress and enhance well being.

You can choose from a wide variety of fragrances, ranging from fresh morning coffee to that wonderful ‘new car’ smell, or from the citrus tones of a Mediterranean lemon grove to the freshly scented pine forests of Scandinavia.

You can even get your very own distinctive fragrance formulated that can become synonymous with your brand, for example a surfing company might wish to replicate the fresh, clean aroma of the Pacific Ocean, while the crisp smell of apples could be just the right aroma for a drinks manufacturer!

Whether adding to your product range as an effective profit generator or used as a promotional ‘give-away’ to increase your brand recognition and penetration, in-car air fresheners are a simple, cost effective and highly popular means of enhancing your brand value and making your car smell nice!

As experts in all types of fragrancing, 3sixtylink can quickly design, develop and manufacture your in-car air fresheners in a wide variety of formats, shapes and styles.

We can incorporate your logo, badge or graphics into various different materials and we can help you select the best fragrance to represent your brand. Call us now on +44 (0) 1392 362111 to find out how to refresh your brand value with in-car air freshening!